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Is your home up to the challenge?

At A Safe Child, an important aspect of our work is parent education. The goal is to make the home childproof to supplement parental supervision and create a positive environment so children can grow and explore. In such a home, parents can relax and enjoy their children without worrying and constantly saying, “no.”

Cabinet and Drawer Latch

Black Stair gate

Tot Lok Magnetic Lock


At A Safe Child,
we use top quality products,
some are not availiable

in stores.

Gates for wide openings

White Stair gate


As children grow and begin crawling and later begin walking, their world will expand every day. Innocent, naturally inquisitive and into everything children are especially vulnerable to injury from accidents in the home.

That's why it’s important for concerned parents to learn how accidents are most likely to occur and take precautions to minimize the risk of injury.