He crawls! He climbs! He’s into everything!
Is your home up to the challenge?

We carry a full line of Childproofing products and Mesh Pool Fence. We also have the knowledge to install these products in your home to keep your children safer.

As children grow and begin crawling and later begin walking, their world will expand every day. Innocent, naturally inquisitive and into everything children are especially vulnerable to injury from accidents in the home. That's why it’s important for concerned parents to learn how accidents are most likely to occur and take precautions to minimize the risk of injury.

When you call A Safe Child, we will provide a comprehensive survey of each room of your home and point out all the hazards. We discuss ways to eliminate problems by making an adjustment or by installing a Childproofing product. Our professional quality safety products include stairway gates, cabinet and drawer latches, electrical covers, toilet locks, door locks and furniture straps. Your peace of mind is as simple as a quick call to A Safe Child! Childproofing Charlotte area homes since 2000.


A Safe Child has grown from a love of children and desire to protect them from harm. We have been trained as professional child proofers and are members of the International Association for Child Safety.